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The Collaborative Dispute Resolution Club (CDRC) is a student club and organisation under the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law. The CDRC aims to promote alternative dispute resolution skills such as mediation and negotiation. As a young club that was formed in 2017, the CDRC has come a long way in paving the road for collaborative dispute resolution techniques in Singapore. CDRC hosted the first local mediation competition (Mediation Advocacy Competition 2019) and the first international mediation competition (International Mediation Singapore Competition) - which preceded the signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation. In 2022, CDRC also co-hosted the Bilateral Mediation Competition and launched the Internship Initiative which saw CDRC members gaining internship placements at law firms, mediation-training organisations, legal-tech companies and in-house corporate organisations. We have worked closely with the Singapore International Mediation Institute, the Peacemakers and with our current sponsor, Sage Mediation.

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